Craniosacral Therapy


I provide intuitive Craniosacral Therapy sessions that help increase your feeling of well-being and joy while decreasing sensations of pain and dis-ease in your body. My strongly held philosophy is that each person’s body has the ability to heal itself, and that my humble, listening, attentive style of Craniosacral Therapy allow you to relax and let that capacity do what it already knows how to do.

A single Crasiosacral Therapy Session can be very beneficial, or I can also recommend a series of 5 or 12 sessions, depending on whether you are looking for: a specific outcome in a defined part of your life, or general ease and wellbeing.

A FIVE-session series is for working through a specific problem. For example, this would be recommended to help recover from an accident or trauma, or to work through an old pattern or symptom in the body. Oftentimes, five sessions is all it takes to alleviate a specific pattern of tension, and “that one thing that always bugs you” can be relieved.

A TWELVE-session series helps bring about an over-all feeling of ease and wellbeing in the body. With additional time to integrate each Craniosacral treatment, our bodies start to find deeper and deeper layers that are ready to unwind. After the initial issue is resolved, you can go to the next level without needing to wait until you feel pain to get support. You can get support while you feel good to help you feel even better, for longer!


Hour and a half session – $120

One hour session – $90

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-12 Hour-and-a-Half sessions for $940 ($78.33/session)
-5 Hour-and-a-Half sessions for $470 ($94/session)

-12 One-hour sessions for $720 ($60/session)
-5 One-hour sessions for $360 ($72/session)


All craniosacral sessions are held in downtown Santa Cruz at:

The Treehouse

108 Locust Street, suite C

Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

(Cross street is Pacific Ave, Around the corner from the SockShop)