Right now I am looking a new life square in the face: new job, new city, new marital status, new mode of transportation, new name! How will it feel? Will the new motions I do every day (hold the phone a different way, sit in a new chair, interact with […]

range of e/motion

When we stretch our bodies, sometimes we believe there is a certain limit to how far we can go in any given direction.  Then sometimes, we work with a great teacher or we experiment on our living room floors or just sitting there and we realize that there is room […]

drawing in

The winter solstice was yesterday.  The nights are as long and the days are as short as they’re going to be all year.  Starting today, every day will be a little bit longer than the last. And I’m cold. Around this time of year, every year, I start to pull […]

if you can touch, you can heal

A few people have asked me questions that might be answered in the following framework: Let me teach you a little about what I do. The offering:  you come in with someone you trust and want to make feel better.  I give you or your partner a massage/bodywork session*, explaining […]

rates and times

Hello friends, An informational post: My new confirmed studio days are Mondays and Tuesdays.  The space is on the third floor of a chiropractic office full of healing and health in the “Pill Hill” neighborhood (named for its many hospitals) near Lake Merritt in Oakland. I charge $70 for an […]


In school we learned that when we breathe, the air goes in to our lungs, fills them up, then goes out, which is true.  What is also true is that it doesn’t stop there.  Our whole bodies can fill up like a little balloon with every breath we take and […]