My life in a nutshell

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a poet, writer, singer, and performer, and did I mention I get to do craniosacral therapy and massage for a living? I am so grateful to help human beings like you feel good in your body, which helps you feel good in your whole life. Here’s my […]


Wow. All I can really say right now is “Wow,” yet there is a pull in me to get some words down, to process and digest and share what I just went through. On Thursday through Sunday of this past week, I went through a Doula training with Whapio, Midwife […]

Growth and expansion

Welcome Lanakila! Similar to a living Tree, the Treehouse loves to grow and expand in community. Today we welcome a new member to the team, Lanakila Iesu, a Lomi-lomi practitioner. The Treehouse now houses the practices of myself, Bernadine Rosso, Paloma Glasser, and Lanakila. You can read more about them here. […]

pick up books and read them

“pick up books and read them” That is the message I am getting: read! Find out exactly what you want to learn, get the book, and read it. I have spent the last three or four years in a long, luxurious break from books, getting most of my information about […]


go go go go! I am going through three major life changes right now: a move, a marriage, and a new job. Any of the three of these would typically be enough to throw me off or knock me out for a good long while. How am I able to […]