Why is it that we so often do the very thing that frustrates us most in others? One thing that I admire most is that people practice what they preach. My confession is that I have not been doing that, in fact I’ve actually been doing the opposite. In short, […]

make a joyful noise

Every moment of every day you are carrying around, even walking within, a musical instrument.  Your whole body – from your toes through your pelvis and abdomen, then up through your throat and the top of your head – is a singing, breathing machine.   Feel it: everyone who can […]

get a massage

Get one.   It’s so obvious, right?  The benefits are numerous, and many can’t be articulated in words, but let me do my best to describe what happens when we get a massage: Time to let the body heal: First off, there is the simple fact that for a whole […]


I have been thinking about the “breath” post and how it takes so much effort and concentration to actually focus and release like that, and how rarely we stop and take the time to do it. One release, though, which we can’t avoid no matter how hard we try, is […]