Shortest line to a farmer

In my family we have scholars and writers, pastors, entrepreneurs. These are the people who often get remembered in history: they write their own name and mark their own lives, they make a memory or a legacy that can be written and passed down. What of the farmers? Every family […]


The longest day of the year and I am loving it! Woke early, watered the plants deeply so they can soak up all the rays without passing out. … and what better way to celebrate the sun than to hang all my clean laundry out to dry? Everything was almost […]

coming back to natural

For about eight years I used to pluck my eyebrows veryvery thin, creating an arch that always said, “oh yeah?” Now I only shape them the tiniest bit, allowing my face to express itself in a fuller and more natural form. The funny thing is that they don’t grow back […]


Why is it that we so often do the very thing that frustrates us most in others? One thing that I admire most is that people practice what they preach. My confession is that I have not been doing that, in fact I’ve actually been doing the opposite. In short, […]


I am aware of many blessings: I am practicing a blend of shiatsu and Thai massage in my beautiful home studio in Santa Cruz, I am studying the human body from a Western perspective in Biology and Health Science classes, and I am preparing for graduate school in Public Health. […]