My life in a nutshell

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a poet, writer, singer, and performer, and did I mention I get to do craniosacral therapy and massage for a living? I am so grateful to help human beings like you feel good in your body, which helps you feel good in your whole life. Here’s my story:

I was born and raised in Southern California to loving, supporting parents and a healthy home. I had deep emotional sensitivity and a period of darkness when 12 years old, which also welcomed the Muse into my life to start writing poetry through me. At 19 years old I moved to Berkeley, California to study English Literature with the best and brightest, and I connected deeply with my peers, academic work, and creative expression.

Then I gave it all up. No more writing, no more performing, no more stupid words! After 22 years of devoting my life to thoughts and thinking, my body rebelled and took control of my life. That’s when I received my calling:

I dedicated my life to my health and the health of my community.

It started through organic food, and led to bodywork. I set to work laying my hands on the people and have given more than 1,000 hours of massage, and counting.

Now I get to do both! After ten years as a dedicated teacher and healing arts practitioner, I have begun to make art again, practicing spoken word and performance art. This journey has taught me this:

physical health helps bring about a fully expressed creative life, AND creative expression helps bring about a healthy human expression on this planet

“Woah, it’s all connected, like, duh!” says my Whole Self to both my body and my mind, knowing it completely and simultaneously marveling at the Truth of it.

It is my pleasure to help others feel good in their bodies so they can continue to express their creativity, make better art, and live a good life.