Sarah Joy and Whapio at our last day of the doula training

Sarah Joy and Whapio at our last day of the doula training

Wow. All I can really say right now is “Wow,” yet there is a pull in me to get some words down, to process and digest and share what I just went through.

On Thursday through Sunday of this past week, I went through a Doula training with Whapio, Midwife and educator and founder of the Matrona center. Of all the many deep and transformational lessons I learned from her, the one that is resonating the most deeply at this moment is HEALTH. She teaches from a place of health. Health, health, health. Here’s what a healthy birth looks like, in detail, and then more and more detail. Learn more what is working in every situation. Notice how things are righting themselves, moving toward health. These babies want to be born. Our uteruses know how to birth them. We don’t need to get in the way. The process is taking place.

It also resonated deeply with my own craniosacral practice to hear Whapio talk about STAYING OUT OF THE WAY, and trusting the process to unfold. In my own practice I find that healing comes from the bodies and inner wisdom of each person. They don’t need me to do anything at all. Their systems are aligning themselves for optimal wellbeing.

Then why do people need a midwife? Why do they need a craniosacral therapist? Why should they come at all?

The answer that is coming to me is simply, that they WANT TO. They feel their systems asking for support, and so they ask for it. They want to be able to say, either consciously or unconsciously, “Did you see that? Change is happening!” As midwives of healthy births, or craniosacral therapists of healing systems, we have the simple honor of witnessing and holding space for Health, of saying to everything else, “Just hold on now. Health is happening.”