DIY Healthcare

In my perfect world, here’s how healing goes:

1. Day-to-day-self: I choose foods and daily activities that are beneficial to my overall wellbeing. It is a fluid system, so I can naturally adjust food intake and activity types to meet my needs real-time.
2. Self-as-healer: in more acute situations I use medicinal foods and plant medicine-teas & tinctures, topical salves. I choose specific types of self-care to meet specific needs: self-massage, yoga, meditation, etc.
3. Natural medicine support. I go to massage and craniosacral therapists regularly, and see acupuncturists and chiropractors for more pin-pointed issues. (My body craves the latter two once a year or so. The first two I do once a week.)
4. Western medical intervention. Immediate, intense situations get western synthetic drugs. (Usually because I become impatient and want to see results NOW.) Regular check-ups keep the line of communication open, and in the unlikely case of a severe emergency, please give me drugs or surgery to save my life. I am open to this.

All of this is going GREAT, and today I was feeling a special longing to tune into the first one. Regular ol’ eating as medicine. I listened to my internal cravings and set a table for myself, with each food type in its own bowl: fresh strawberries, sprouted almonds, dried blueberries, bananas, green olives, dandelion greens, and sauerkraut. Seriously. Before each bite I thought, “what is my body craving now, and in What order?” then I bit into that delectable offering.

I feel honored to return to the deep intuitive healer of MYSELF that I am.